Frequently Asked Questions

Does Craft ‘n Toys have a Showroom:

Unfortunately, no.


Do you deliver anywhere in the UK:

Yes we do.

We are all searching the best, fastest and the cheapest courier.

Do you ship Internationally:


Before we ship anything, we speak with our couriers to get very best price to send your items.


How can I order with Craft ‘n Toys:

Orders can be placed online at your convenience 24/7.


What happens after I’ve placed my order with Craft ‘n Toys :

After your payment has been authorized you will instantly receive and email confirming you have placed an order with Craft ‘n Toys store.

Once received by our sales team we will then process your order and inform you about the status of your order. If for any reason there is an issue or delay, you will be notified immediately.


What is your delivery Time:

Our delivery times are between 1-5 working days. Confirmation will be emailed to you once your order is received.


If I notice my item/items are damaged, what should I do:

Unfortunately , accidents do and can happen in transit despite all of the quality control procedures we have in place here at Craft ‘n Toys Store.

You have the option to refuse the delivery if you notice the box or packaging is damaged, as this will save you any further inconvenience waiting for a collection. If you do have any issues with your item please contact us immediately so that we can rectify the issue and arrange a replacement as quickly as possible.


How can I pay:

Craft ‘n Toys Store likes using PayPal which accepts all major debit and credit cards.We consider it’s safer for you.